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  • Why Shop Run Specialty

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    Why Shop Run Specialty


    When it comes to making that next running shoe purchase, shopping at your local run specialty shop offers numerous advantages over the convenience of online shopping or that of a big box sports store. On top of pumping your hard-earned dollars back into your local economy, let's explore in what ways shopping at a real-life running store benefits YOU.
      1.    You will be fitted by someone who knows the shoes. The folks at your local running store live and play in these shoes and they are getting constant feedback from customers day in and day out on what their experience is like in the shoes they may not personally wear themselves. Staffers are trained on how each shoe best benefits certain gaits, foot shapes, activities, and the unique needs of dealing with certain injuries. They will use that knowledge to analyze and help you navigate through the shoe selection to find the best fit for you. 
      2.    You will be able to try on the shoes:  As advanced as the online algorithms are in helping you find that perfect match nothing compares to putting your foot into a pair of shoes, making sure its the right fit and feel and then taking them for a test spin yourself. Some running stores have treadmills, and some let you take them for a test run on the sidewalk, weather permitting. 
      3.    You will save time. While online shopping is convenient initially, brick-and-mortar running stores have a higher chance of getting it right from the start. Statistics are hard to nail down but the return rate on an online apparel or shoe purchase ranges from 20-30%, whereas the rate for returns for instore purchases is in the 6- 8% range. And if you do need to make an exchange or return, there is a faster turnaround in getting you into something that will work better for you than if you had to send it back.
      4.    You will meet local runners: Specialty running stores are hubs for the running community. You'll meet fellow runners, share stories, and learn from their experiences. You'll learn of group runs, favorite trails and routes, races and events going on in the area. 
      5.    There is more to running than just shoes. Your local running shop also provides various clothing, gear and fuel that are designed specifically for running. And just like the shoes, the folks in your local running store are either using these items or know folks who do day in and day out and again, have first-hand knowledge on what is working what isn't in certain situations. Not sure which gel to try? Just ask an associate.
      6.    Running stores are connected to their community. Do you have an injury that you are dealing with and not sure who to turn to? Your local running store is connected with area physical therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, sports injury specialists and more! Are you looking to ace that next race? Your running shop may have coach or personal trainer recommendations to help you on your journey.
      7.    Save in the long run: Running stores often offer loyalty programs, discounts, and exclusive events for their customers. You might snag early access to new shoe releases, attend clinics, or receive personalized advice.

    So next time you're eyeing those running shoes, skip the virtual cart and step into a specialty running store. Your feet and your running journey will thank you!


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